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Best Ways of Getting Free from Muscle Soreness

Some people hesitate to go for gym and workouts because of the fear of getting muscle soreness. Are you one among those people who hesitate to visit gym due to the fear of muscle soreness? No worries. There are some easy ways to get free from muscle soreness. Read the complete article to know them.

Why You Get Muscle Soreness?

Before the ways to get free from muscle soreness, know a little about it here. Muscle soreness is the result of lactic acid buildup which would cause swelling as well as inflammation in the muscles. Your muscle soreness is nothing but the part of the whole process of muscle repair. Generally, it would take up to 5 to 7 days for your muscle soreness to get completely cured.

Following are some of the ways to get free from your muscle soreness quickly:

  1. A Foam Roller Will Help:

This is a hard cylinder-like device that would enable you to give a massage for yourself. You can make use of this foam roller to recover yourself after a workout by rolling this over the fascia. This is the connective tissue that is interconnecting your entire body. Hence, making it get loosen would make your muscles to get loose and thus, it will be easier for you to stretch.

  1. You Can Even Prevent It:

When you are able to do a smarter workout, you can even prevent the muscle soreness. Yes, do proper warm up activities like walking or jogging at least for ten minutes before starting off with your regular workout session. This would help preparing the muscles for the hard work out sessions thereby reducing the chance of getting muscle soreness after the exercise session.

  1. Why Don’t You Rest?

As you are aware, sleep and rest is always important for any kind of recovery. This holds true in the cause of muscle soreness too. If you are on an average workout program, you would require a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night following your work out sessions. And, if you are on a hard training program, you would require up to ten hours of sleep during night.

Also, I would advise you to look at your heart beat rate as the first thing after you wake up from the sleep. If your heart rate is found to be higher, then it means that you need some more sleep.

  1. Proteins Will Do Wonders:

Whenever you are about to start off with any workout plan and at the times when you are planning for a harder workout, you must make sure that you intake more and more proteins after your workout sessions. When you are unable to find any protein rich food right after your workouts, you can even take some protein supplements that are readily available.

Why protein? Intake of additional proteins would help your body to recover quickly. As per the results from a recent study, intake of more proteins following a hard core workout decreased the muscle soreness in the next day itself. (more…)

Buying a Mountain Bike

What are the Things You Need to Know

Going online, seeing all of the mountain bikes that are listed will get you puzzled and confused. This could only mean that you came unprepared because you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. Some people experience this thinking that all mountain bikes are made the same. Remember that price also affects the quality of the mountain bike you are buying, but if you don’t want to spend too much, get one from the top rated mountain bike under 1000 dollars list. This is a good price range to consider because you are going to get really good features and quality. Now what you need to know is what to look for when picking a mountain bike.

What you must know

Decide on a budget

If you are not careful about your budget, there are mountain bikes that will cost you up to $10,000 which is not a problem if you are not trying to look for one of the best mountain bikes that you can buy. It is only wise to stay within this range so you won’t end up overspending and you can always upgrade as time goes by. Also, this budget will already allow you to buy a 29er or full suspension bicycles that are for entry-level users. Take a look at the roadmaster granite peak review, it’s a good choice.

What is the type of riding that you are aiming for?

Mountain bikes have 3 categories and they are XC, All Mountain/Trail, and downhill. If you only like to ride local trails, it won’t be the best option to buy a downhill mountain bike especially if you don’t really do a lot of trips on a bike. You can buy a trail bike and then just rent a downhill bike there is a need for it because that is the more practical thing to do. Do not be too concerned about your limited budget because as long as you are using a hard tail mountain that is of good quality, you will be able to ride on trails properly. If most of your riding is done with lifted service or a shuttle, then you can spend for a downhill mountain bike.

The cost of maintaining the bike

This is a yearly expense that you need to consider before going for the purchase. It will cost you extra if you are going to use the bike for a lot of off-road riding. You can do some of the maintenance work yourself which can save you some money provided you have enough knowledge on how to do it and you are okay with getting your hands dirty. Cleaning your bike doesn’t have to be too expensive and you can do this on your own. You only have to know how to clean it properly and learn how to do the maintenance yourself. (more…)

Treadclimber User Guide

This is an article that will help you how to use a Treadclimber. This is a known exercise machine that is designed to tone and sculpt the lower muscles. It also helps in burning more calories as long as you exert the proper effort needed for the workout.

A Treadclimber can be placed in your living room, den, bedroom, office, and any place where you can appropriately place an exercise machine.

Treadclimber User Guide

If you’re in the gym

Look for a Treadclimber that is available for you to get on. If you have a choice, choose a Treadclimber that is on a good spot. A good spot could near the side so you only have the wall beside you or in front of the TV so you won’t get bored while you are doing your workout.

You are now ready to get on, but make sure that you are wearing the proper shoes. Proper shoes like running or cross training shoes to provide your feet proper protection and you will not slip off. If you have your ipod with you, you can switch it on and put it on a stable place so it won’t fall while you are exercising. If you see a heart rate monitor on the machine, attach it to the proper area of your body.

Next is stepping on the machine. Some machines have a “Quick start” option that you can just press and begin using the machine. You can change the resistance options as you go on and also the speed if you want to increase or decrease the intensity.

If you’re at home

Prepare yourself mentally and physically to avoid distractions. Do not let other people in the house distract you. Wear the proper shoes and turn on your music or TV that’s in front of theTreadclimber, but it’s better to use your earphones while listening to music to help you become more focused.

You can now switch on your Treadclimber. The Treadclimber can track the progress and capacity of up to 5 users. If someone else has used the machine even before you started using it, you can add yourself to start tracking your workouts. Take the heart rate monitor that is found on the machine and attach it to your arm or any appropriate body part for tracking the heart rate. (more…)

How To Choose Your Mountain Bike

Over the years, mountain biking have become more popular. More people are becoming interested in this sport. People like mountain biking because it is an easy way to get fit and go to places. It is like riding bikes, but on off-road terrains. There are many mountain biking stories people may share, but it all starts when that person had their mountain bike.

Some might say that you just need any kind of bike to go mountain biking. That belief is all wrong. If that is true, why would there be many kinds of bikes? You can’t also just buy any mountain bike. You need to choose a mountain bike. Here are some things to consider when buying or choosing mountain bikes:

You need to know what kind of riding you will do

Will you use it for trail riding, cross country riding or enduro riding? Remember that different ways of riding have different disciplines. Every way of riding have their own positives and negatives, so you need to really know which one you like or would suit you best.


You also need to know what will be the use of your mountain bike

Will you use it to get fit, for a trip or just for some errands? Every use may need different components or accessories.


You need to know your budget

After knowing the kind of riding you will do and the use of the mountain bike, you need to know your budget. Different mountain bikes with different features have different prices. You need to ask yourself “how much are you willing to spend for the mountain bike”?

Are you willing to buy expensive mountain bikes or would you rather have a not-so-expensive bikes at the moment? Is your budget high or low? Will your budget be enough to buy the kind of bike you need? Discover some best mountain bikes under 1500 by Recreation Space here.

As always, remember that you can save more money when you buy higher quality now, than get lower quality now and upgrade your bike later. Also, remember that higher quality bikes usually costs more.

A bike with higher quality bike may cost more now, but it will cost you lesser in the long run. Higher quality bikes includes durability. It means that your bike won’t easily be broken. If you still haven’t figured it out, you need a durable bike, because you will most likely go on off-road trails.


Running Shoes For Women

Running Shoes for Women: a Guide

The correct shoes for running is one that is comfortable for you, but finding one that fits you perfectly is hard. It’s easy to buy a shoe that has your size, but finding one that is actually giving your feet the right support is hard. You can go inside a store and become totally confused because there are a lot of choices out there, but only a few are for you. This article will help you choose the right shoes that you will love using.

How to choose the right running shoes for women


  • Where will you use it

Are you planning to run on the road, off-road, a running track or maybe a forest trail? There is a specific running shoe for each so make sure that you think about where you will be running before buying the shoes. Training and racing shoes are also different from each other.

  • Pronation

Pronation is the term used for how your foot rolls when you run. Know your pronation type first before buying any shoe because each shoe is made for a specific pronation type. You can get an expert gait analysis done for you to find out what your pronation type is.

  • Length

The length of the shoe should not be exactly as long as your feet because when you run, your feet expands and you need to get a shoe that is half an inch longer than your feet.

  • Width

A shoe that is too narrow will constrict your feet and cause the sides of your feet to hurt. This is also not good for keeping the blood circulation in your feet running smoothly because it will affect your running. (more…)


The cool blue waters of Lake Ontario met the hazy late evening sky to form an almost imperceptible horizon. My diving partner and I quickly got into our gear and slipped into the water. Flicking on our underwater lights, we started off on a new adventure. Although this was a favorite spot for fishing, few divers had ever explored it. Everything pointed toward a rewarding dive. As my light danced along the rocky bottom, a small shadow began to take form. As I neared, my heart beat excitedly. I had found a lure diver’s treasure chest; a tackle box full of lures! Responding to my tugs on our safety line, my buddy swam over and congratulated me. Using hand signals, we decided to head back to shore. About halfway in, we hit the jackpot again, this time in the form of an anchor.


Back on shore we tallied up our finds. Altogether we had gotten 58 lures, a tackle box and an anchor–not bad for an hour of fun! Although all of our dives are not as profitable as this one, there are many treasures awaiting the diver.

I have often read articles about divers searching for Spanish galleons or dredging for gold. However, these hobbies require expensive equipment and are limited to specific areas. On the other hand, anyone living near a body of water where fishing occurs can enjoy the fast growing sport of lure diving. It is inexpensive and always a new experience.

Before I continue, there are a few points of which prospective lure divers should be made aware. First, remember that you will be diving in an area that is a favorite for fishermen. Be considerate! Most anglers feel you are scaring away all of the fish. Secondly, you are profiting from someone else’s misfortune (the loss of a lure). We have found it best to be discrete about the amount of “treasure’ we recover. I’m not suggesting lying, but I do advise diplomacy. Lastly, always be an ethical diver. One year, an irate fisherman wrote a letter to the local newspaper relating an incident he witnessed at Webster, Park, a heavily fished pier on Lake Ontario. The fisherman saw two scuba divers remove a section of chain link fence from the water. It looked like a Christmas tree because of all the lures that had snagged on it. The divers stripped it of the lures and tossed it back into the water. Since then, diver/angler relations have been severely strained. Remember, always be ethical.

With the fisherman in mind, let’s discuss when and where to dive

Obviously, the most heavily fished areas will be the most productive. Piers, mouths of streams or places with rocky bottoms are preferred. The most effective way to find lures is to start the dive at about casting length (average distance of a fisherman’s cast) and work your way in.

The best times to dive are when there is the least number of fishermen (ideally none) and the most number of lures. My buddy and I usually dive on a weeknight. That way we disturb the least number of people fishing. Another good time to dive is on a rainy day, when only a few anglers will be out. Of course you usually can’t plan for a rainy day, so it helps to have a flexible schedule. Also, have alternate sites in mind in case your first choice is too crowded. The most productive dives are made after a fishing derby or holiday weekend. Also, dives should be made in early spring or late fall to avoid heavy vegetation that will hide lures. (more…)